Zen / The Void

"If there is no true separation between subjective and objective reality (and I believe that there isn't - it's simply convenient for the model), then I am hesitant to only model subjective reality as existing inside objective reality, as you suggested. I agree that it fits our current perceptions, but that doesn't quite seem reliable to me. If there is no true separation, then it seems to me that they should be on more of an even keel. They would be two halves of the same whole, not one inside of the other." - poplopo

I should not have used the word "inside". Saying Subjective reality exists inside Objective reality implies that they are somehow separate.

The only way to separate a larger whole is a reference to a part of it. The atom is a single entity, and yet we can refer to its pieces as electrons and the nucleus itself consisting of protons and neutrons. Widen the scope of reference until you are referring to the visible universe. At this point, there is no You "in" the Universe. The reference to "Universe" can not be made without you. Two halves of the same whole can be compared with each other. But you can not compare the whole to a half as it is made of the half. You can not be compared with the Universe because you are a part of the Universe. You are not "inside" of the universe, you are a piece of it. You could say "all that stuff that isn't what I call me", but only when you include yourself in the scope does it truly refer to the Universe.

A handful of sand on the beach can be referenced apart from the beach. Yet without picking it up, it has always been a part of the beach. Without reference there is no discrimination from the whole. Only without reference can we truly understand the void we live in. Without concept or reference, there is only empty infinity. This infinite Void of no-concept encompasses all of existence without discrimination. It is called "Obliterating Unity" in that unity is so great and all encompassing, the possibility that any thing could exist outside of the scope of the reference is obliterated due to it being included in the Void. The reference itself to this concept exists as part of the Void. It can be difficult at first to grasp the implications of this totality. I had to read and re-read a couple books to grasp the Void. I highly recommend the Q & A section of "The Zen Teaching of Huang Po: On the Transmission of Mind"

Are you concerned with subjective reality maybe being connected to something beyond our physical brains? I like to think of what it would mean to create artificial intelligence. self-awareness that operated just like the human brain. Where does the consciousness come from? You are no different from this AI in that while you have an isolated perspective, you are a single part of an all encompassing whole (the universe). To say that you are "inside" the universe is false. You ARE the universe.

One could argue at this point that the universe is aware of itself through you. Isn't that nice :)

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Egg / I have no patients for a doctor making puns on the internet (cc Corey)

Corey So what this boils down to is, we should all eat more eggs.
Joe Yea, no more need to scramble around the fridge for something to eat.
Corey Maybe, but I'd be willing to shell out a few dollars to see this tested a little more thoroughly.
Joe I hear a lot of people have started cooking eggs near the panhandle
Corey Although, I'm too sure this will go over easy with the vegan community.
Joe ^ I simply could not get that one to work
Corey Yep, I still got it.
Joe I always used to egg you on. That speech was lulz
Corey Oh, I thought we were finished with puns. I guess omelet that one go...
Joe Naw were done. I was just yolkin your chain
Corey Good, glad we've laid this to rest.
Joe Have you ever tried eggs when baked?
Corey That's enough, my brain is fried.
Joe I think I will also let my noggin chill out for a while.
Corey And I'm gonna go find a new thread to poach.
Joe *Camera pans away slowly and the old thread fades to whites*

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