The plan

Posted by BIOS 17 months ago

Here my plan: Vote in Bernie and turn congress blue so we can

  • house the homeless (its cheaper than having them on the streets)
  • make healthcare free
  • make college tuition free
  • forgive or at least address the $1 trillion student debt
  • make our economy boom from the revival of the middle class
  • regulate the financial instruments that hurt us in '08
  • reinstate a modern version of glass-steagall
  • investigate the financial crimes of wall street (Bernie promises to address this on day 1)
  • abolish private prisons
  • remove reschedule cannabis federally and let states restrict it as they please
  • decriminalize all drugs (if you like what happened in Portugal)
  • address the non-sense of mandatory minimums
  • give climate change the appropriate attention
  • address job destroying free trade agreements (idk what the president can do alone)


Posted by BIOS 18 months ago

Evidence is not a "science" thing. It literally means "the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid". It is the very basis on which we should hold our beliefs.